Summary Panama Presentation to the Congregation

Panama Presentation to the Congregation

What an awesome day we had yesterday!  I had the opportunity to present this trip to Panama to the congregation over the study hour, and then we installed Pastor Barry in the afternoon.  That was an amazing service followed by an excellent dinner!

In the morning presentation a few people asked about having access to the summary slide of the presentation.  It’s not easy to email that out to everyone, so here’s a copy for everyone to review and consider.

In summary – we at St. John’s have some decisions to make.  Do we want to commit to a program of doing international mission work?  As I said yesterday, this is not about sending the same 8 or 10 people to Panama over the next 5 years.  This is about having 40 or more people make this trip!  We envision sending all demographics, from youth to retirees and everyone in between.  We need to work out details like funding, timing & initiatives.  But God will help us with all those details.

If you had the opportunity to participate in yesterday’s presentation – great!  Please provide feedback to Pastor Snow, Pastor Barry, your elders or myself.  If you missed the presentation, we might try to schedule one or two more occurrences in the coming weeks.

Pastor Snow and I both feel that this would be a great blessing for St. John’s and we would love to see the congregation get behind it with their full support!



Matt Timm

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