Panama - Day 5

Panama – Day 5

Now Tuesday, this is our last official day of work. Today we look at a city ministry, a neighborhood called Los Andes in Panama City. This is the Church where Milton, our interpreter and liaison is serving as a lay minister.

I haven’t adequately described Milton. He is a TREMENDOUS man of God. His knowledge of scripture and doctrine is very deep. He is extremely mission minded. One of the warmest and most friendly people I’ve ever met. His history is a tapestry – schooled as a lawyer but serving full time ministry between his congregation and CALMS.

Milton takes us to his church, Gloria Dei. We meet with Dino Nuget, Director of the community program for San Miguelito. Dino is not a practicing Christian but was seeking a church to house his music program. The objective of Dino’s work is to give kids a place to learn the arts and do positive things instead of being on the streets. He’s doing awesome work, and Milton opened his church as a meeting place for this program.

We take a walk and meet with the local Representative, Yoira Machado and hear her goals for the community. As we walk back to the church, we hear the music program practicing in the sanctuary from a block away. As we arrive and take a seat in the sanctuary, I’m blown away. I’ve witnessed a lot of musical practices in my time as a father, but the man directing the horns this day was incredible. And the music that resulted was breathtaking. WoW!

We break for a discussion and meet with two women of the congregation to learn of their work in the church.

When done, we break and avoid traffic by stopping near the water for fried fish dinner. We travel back and re-group again to start discussing next-steps, plans and intentions.

I had so much fun with Pastor Snow. He is a wonderful friend and I am blessed to have him in my life. The trip to Panama wouldn’t be the same without him. If you don’t know him…you should. God bless Pastor Nieve. [yes, my iPad was hijacked by our Pastor.]

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