5th & 6th Grade Class Highlights - St. John's Lutheran School

5th & 6th Grade Class Highlights

Feed My Starving Children

By: Lilah, Sofia, and Bailey
At Feed My Starving Children, we take our time to help children in need of food, nutrition, and vitamins. We make things called “Manna Packs” which include vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice. Before we pack the food, we watch videos of the country and children we pack for. While making the food, we get to listen to music and talk to our friends while helping children in need. After we make the food, we pray over the boxes asking that the food will arrive safely. After we pray over the food, we get to try the food we made.

Auburn Manor Visits

By: Mason, Eric, David
Once a month, two chapel tribes go across the street to Auburn Manor to play Card Bingo with the people who live there. It is fun to help them flip their cards. If you win, you get candy! We even get to take them back to their rooms and see where they live.

Lutheran Schools Week

By: Joelle and Ella
Due to the crazy Minnesota weather Lutheran schools week was shortened to two days, but we still had a lot of fun. Monday we had Wacky Day where we could wear our wacky, mis-matched, crazy outfits. We also had “Drop Everything and read” time (DEAR) where everyone in the school got to sit down in the school halls and read. For lunch we ate one of our favorite lunches, Orange Chicken. Friday we had School Pride Day where we wore all of our Royals gear. We also got to go on a field trip to Mayor Lutheran High School where we got to watch Luke Winger, an inspirational Christian juggler who shared his life stories, struggles and how God helped him get through it. We had a tribe lunch where the whole school sat together in groups and played bingo. We had our favorite Stuffed Crust Pizza for lunch. We went to the Cravings store where we could buy sweet treats for the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove.

Making Change

By: Courtney and Maya
At the beginning of the year, we fill out an application for a job. Everyone is given a job like banker, teacher’s assistant, clerk, etc. Throughout the year, we can earn money by doing service hours and getting A’s on tests. We get a paycheck every month, and we pay rent which is $150 at the end of the month.


By: Madalyn, Kayla, Katelynnd, Jed, Bordy, Mac, James, Shaun, Jamison, Macy, Tray, and Hayden
The volleyball team had a great season this year. We got 1st place in our tournament in Hamburg. We learned a lot in practice from Elise and Anna. We enjoyed playing such a wonderful game with such an amazing team! We had a great time! Our Cross Country season was really fun because our teammates encouraged us. Our coach Mrs. Larson was very encouraging and always pushed us to do our best. The football team went 2-5 in the 2018 season. The 7/8 grade girls basketball team is ranked 1st in the conference and the 7/8 grade boys are 3rd in the conference. The boys won the St.Johns tournament and the girls placed 2nd with a close game against Mayer. Going into the league tournament the boys are 7-2 and the girls are 4-0.

Lowry Nature Center

By: Bennett, Callen, and Brandt
We went to the Lowry Nature Center in January, We went on a hike to look for animal signs. After that, we went kick sledding on a frozen lake. Then we went deep in the woods to learn about winter survival which included making forts and fires.

Basecamp Field Trip

By: Henry, Charlie, and Harry
In September, the 5th and 6th graders went to Base Camp. Base Camp is a place where you can do archery, rock climbing, and play fun games. Rock climbing was hard so we had to work together. Archery was hard because the bow was heavy and for some people hard to aim. There was a lot of teamwork involved.

Art Class

By: Catherine and Kayde
This year in art we are studying the art Elements. For one art project we worked on space. First, we traced our hand on a piece of paper. Then we drew straight lines outside of the hand. Then we made curved lines in the hand. We took three colors and we made a pattern, and colored the hand and the background. Even though the hand was flat with the lines it make it look 3-dimensional. This month we are studying the art element of texture. We went on a texture scavenger hunt throughout school and found a lot of textures!

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